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Hunny Summers and the Island Magic

Season 1
Chapter 1- A Taste of Magic

“Hunny, all I’m saying is…” Allie sighed, “You have to look up, and look around. Actually see where you are,” she finished, gesturing to the tropical setting in which they found themselves. Hunny followed her friend’s hand, eyes spanning the beach paradise that surrounded them. It was a warm and humid evening and the sun had begun its slow descent over the water. The gentle waves crashed subtly against the beaches, leaving foam and froth behind.

The resort, and all of its pleasures, were all but theirs. They had only seen a few other guests staying at the island paradise, two of whom were tanning on the beach not too far from them, chatting the day away.

Allie had stumbled across their resort when looking for ‘cheap trips to take after a break-up.’ She had found the tickets for an inexplicably low price and jumped at the offer. Later that day, she received a call stating that she would pay an even smaller amount for their stay since the rainy season would be starting soon. Hunny was truly grateful for the opportunity to get out of the city, but she couldn’t help but wonder if it was too soon.

“I know you’re a therapist and you have all the answers, but you need to listen to my expert advice now. Sasha is an asshole, and she doesn’t deserve you, etc. Me saying that will not make the pain go away, but this vacation certainly can if you play your cards right. I mean, just look at that cerulean ocean?!” Allie exclaimed as she sipped her coconut drink that was so tastefully dubbed Island Magic.

“Cerulean?” Hunny chuckled with an eyebrow raised. She studied her friend and couldn’t help but think of how sexy she looked in her beach get-up. Allie was only 5’4, but she had a huge personality. That wasn’t the only thing huge about her, though. Her titillating e-cups teased whoever watched her, fighting their way to freedom from behind her constricting top. She was curvier and thicker than your average girl, which she attributed to the 2% Brazilian ancestry that appeared on her 22AndYou results. She was naturally thick, and soft, and jiggled in a mesmerizing way as she walked. Her auburn hair was put into loose pigtails that reached just above her bouncy bosoms. With full lips and hazel eyes, Allie oozed sex appeal in any outfit she donned. Today’s choice was a soft orange, crisscross halter top with a matching skirt. The outfit was decorated with ocean blue floral patterns that just accentuated Allie’s creamy skin. The skirt she wore was double slit, leaving a thin flap that rested gently in between her juicy legs. If timed just right, anyone watching could get an eyeful of Allie’s glistening, pink pussy lips. Hunny eyed her friend as she stood up to adjust her top. She pulled the orange halter up to cover her peeking areolas. The fabric that held the bottom of her tits slid out of place as Allie shifted in her seat, crossing her thick thighs. Her top was now barely covering anything besides her stiff nipples. Hunny watched as a single bead of sweat made its way down the girl’s soft skin until it disappeared in between her giant cleavage.

She continued to watch, feeling her pussy tingle in anticipation. She shifted slightly in her seat, crossing her legs to apply pressure to her clitoris. She sighed in hidden pleasure as she waited for the sweat drop to appear from between Allie’s visible under-boob cleavage.

“Yes, bitch! Cerulean!” She joked jolting Hunny back to reality. She glanced around to see if anyone was watching and noticed the Bartender smiling at her. As she wiped the bar clean, her titties jiggled enticingly, as if inviting Hunny in. Hunny turned beet red, and looked away in embarrassment, turning her attention back to Allie. “This sand is literally white! We’re in a cabana with palm leaves for a roof, drinking fruity drinks out of real live coconuts. On top of it all, we’re being served by the sexiest bartender I’ve ever seen,” Allie concluded, as she winked to the woman behind the bar.


“Oh my gosh, Allie!” Sarah replied, giggling as she returned from the restroom, her flat-ironed blonde hair blowing in the wind. Her golden mane fell to the middle of her toned back. They had met Sarah on the plane ride over and fell in love with her right away. Heading to the same destination, she decided to accompany the two girls on their adventures. Sarah had a gift for alleviating the stress of those around her. She had been this way all her life, her smile was as infectious as it was permanent. Everything was funny to Sarah, and she had a true talent for making people laugh.

 She had perky, small tits that hid behind a yellow, micro bikini. The top was large enough to cover her nipples, normally, but her nipples were almost rock hard and had started pushing away what little fabric covered them. She had on the matching bottoms, that peeked their way over the top of her frayed, daisy dukes. What Sarah lacked up top, she made up for down below. Her hips were barely wider than her chest, but her butt was a big plump bubble that worked perfectly with her small frame. The shorts were so tight and small that they offered almost little to no coverage in the front… or the back. Hunny watched her friend and glanced at the camel toe that was flossing her puffy pussy lips as she walked. “Sorry about my friend,” Sarah said as she returned to the bar, “Can you make me another one of those coconut drinks with all the fruit?” Hunny, pussy dripping with excitement, turned to catch a glimpse of her tight, wide ass as she sat down on the stool next to her. It had been years since she had tasted anyone other than her ex. She was ready to delve into fresh waters and explore new depths.

CRUNCH! The noise snapped her back to reality.

Startled by the sudden racket, everyone turned to look for its source.

Sarah stood up and revealed a crushed water bottle that had been jammed into her back pocket. “Can you refill this too, please?” she laughed as she asked the Bartender.

The Bartender chuckled and replied in a thick Colombian accent, “Anything for my sexiest customers.”

Hunny turned from her friend to the woman behind the bar. She studied her up and down. Allie wasn’t wrong. She had soft, tanned, olive skin and long dark brown hair. The woman had green eyes and her softly chiseled features were so stunning that Hunny couldn’t help but stare. She was a little taller than Hunny, who was 5’8, but only by an inch or so. She wore a tie-dyed, one-shoulder dress that hang loosely to her ankles. As Hunny continued to stare, she noticed that the dress was so sheer that she could make out the outline of the Bartender’s body. There was no jiggle to the soft curves, and she could make out soft muscle contours in the woman’s arms. The Bartender continued to pour liquids into the mixer, as Hunny leaned over the bar to see more of her. Hunny felt her nipples getting harder as she continued to explore the woman’s body with her eyes. She wore multiple gold bracelets and bangles on her wrists and a small hoop nose ring in her right nostril.

“I love being one of your sexiest customers,” Allie said seductively as she teased her straw tip with her tongue, not taking her seductive gaze away from the Latin eye candy.

“Allie, stop,” Hunny chuckled, blushing as her friend openly displayed how her pussy was feeling. “I’ve never seen you be so openly brazen before,” she joked, trying to recover.

“I’m normally not,” she said as she climbed to sit up on the bar. “But I’ve been sensing this vibe for a while now. The right pussy can change your life.”

She sat with her back to the bartender and her legs resting on her chair, closed, suffocating the thin flap that had found itself resting between her legs. “Does the see-through dress get you bigger tips?” she asked the woman, her fingertips playing friskily with her tight top as she looked over her shoulder.

The Bartender walked over and placed the drinks in front of Hunny and Sarah, who were watching the exchange in anticipation. The Bartender stood in front of Hunny and leaned over the bar, her double D cleavage torturing Hunny as she tried to stay at eye level. “I don’t like tips,” the temptress said as she pulled a cherry out of Hunny’s drink. “I’d rather put cherries in my mouth than tips in my pocket.” She teased the plump, juicy cherry softly with her tongue for a second and then looked Hunny in the eye and bit it.

Hunny felt the pressure that was building up inside her pussy come gushing out. The sound that surprised everyone this time was the sound of liquid falling to the floor. Sarah jumped up and almost yelled but caught herself. “Hunny? Did you just pee your pants?” she asked almost incredulously.

Hunny opened her mouth to answer, but the Bartender spoke up instead.

“No,” she said as she started to massage her own breasts while gawking at Hunny, her eyes traveling all over the woman’s body. Hunny had long black hair that reached down to her juicy buttocks. She worked out and her body showed a soft, but strong, sexy feminine strength. Her tan skin was soft to the touch and glistened beautifully in the setting sun. Her big brown eyes and soft pink lips gave her an innocent, but naughty look. She was wearing a simple red bikini, with a long white cover that reached down to her calves. It was tied just over her left hip, exposing her long, sexy leg. The Bartender pulled her other shoulder out of her dress and the outfit fell to her nipples, where the woman caught it as she continued to massage her heaving bosoms. “Your friend is squirting,” she said, almost drooling.

Allie, starting to get jealous of the stolen attention, whipped around on the bar until she was facing the object of her desire. She opened her legs, put her right foot on the bar and let her left foot rest on the counter behind it. Her thick thighs blocked Hunny’s view as Allie pulled the flap of her skirt over her leg, exposing her now dripping lips.

“So, you like squirting, huh?” Allie asked excitedly as she gently slid her finger up and down her labia. She barely touched herself, attempting to tease her audience, but the most captivating thing about the whole encounter was how wet and moist her pussy sounded. The Bartender stopped massaging her huge tits, letting the dress fall a little more. Hunny watched as it desperately clung to her hard nipples, her dark areolas exposed. The dress reminded her of a rock climber hanging on for dear life from a thin ledge. The comparison only made her pussy pulse more.

She watched as the Bartender wordlessly got to her knees in front of Allie, ready for what came next. Sarah jumped out of her chair excitedly and jumped up on the bar behind her friend. She sat with her legs spread, Allie nestled in between them.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Sarah exclaimed as she freed Allie’s big breasts from captivity. They bounced cheerfully as if celebrating their newfound freedom. “I’ve been waiting for this the whole trip,” she said as she raised her friend’s right leg, giving Hunny a full view of the festivities. She watched as Allie’s fingers disappeared between her juicy lips. Hunny reached down subconsciously and began to play with her now-purring pussy. She watched as her voluptuous friend masturbated in front of this mysterious, Latin beauty. She was turned on by how hot and wet she was. She slid in another finger and began to reach deeper.

Hunny watched as her friend started to finger herself more vigorously, as the Bartender watched hungrily from her knees. Just as Hunny started to play with herself more, Allie pulled her fingers from her pussy and spread her lips in front of the Bartender, who immediately stuck her tongue out. Allie drenched her willing partner with her lustrous liquid, dousing her clothes and hair. The Bartender looked in amazement as she wiped the squirt from her eyes. She shoved her face deep into Allie’s pussy, who had begun to make out with her new friend Sarah. Hunny watched hornily as Sarah played with Allie’s nipples as they kissed, squeezing and teasing them to every moan and gasp.

Hunny squirted in her chair again, the sound of the falling liquid, snapping everyone back to reality.

The girls all looked at one another and laughed.

“I usually learn a girl’s name before I squirt on her,” Allie stated seductively to the Bartender.

“My name is Cassandra,” The Bartender answered, as she stood to her feet, her curvy body now visible through her drenched dress. She adjusted it, pulling it back up over one shoulder. The wet, thin fabric immediately clung to the contours of her body once again. She looked up to see all three girls looking hungrily at her. “Uh uh uh,” she mused, shaking her finger at them, “One at a time,” she smiled as she pulled Allie from the bar to her. She eased Allie to her knees and sat on the counter behind her. She opened her legs and Allie crawled in between them, biting her lip in excitement. Cassandra rested her leg on Allie’s shoulders as she leaned back against the wall and spread her pussy lips. With the other hand, she guided Allie’s mouth to her clit.

Cassandra looked Hunny straight in the eyes as Allie ate her ravenously. Hunny could hear Allie’s tongue working its way up and down the Latina’s caramel labia. She watched as Allie lifted Cassandra’s legs slightly and Hunny heard the lapping sounds of her tonguing the wet pussy hole. Hunny spread her legs wide on her stool without thinking. She reached down and untied the side of her bottoms in one fluid motion. She was about to let the waterfall building up inside of her shower the side of the bar when she heard giggling. Startled she looked down to see that Sarah was on her knees, making her way in between Hunny’s legs.

“Sarah…” Hunny started, sheepishly, as she covered her soaked vagina with her hand. “We’re friends, we can’t do this.”

“Come on, Hunny, I see the way you look at me. Why do you think I insisted on hanging with you guys so much?” She teased as she slowly moved Hunny’s hand away from her tan pussy. “Besides,” Sarah leaned in, “I just learned about squirt, and I want to see what it tastes like.” Her tongue reached Hunny’s juicy labia, caressing the dripping lips, tasting everything she had to offer.

Hunny looked up and realized The Bartender was still fixated on her. She met the salacious vixen’s gaze and felt her nipples stiffen more. She felt her pussy throb in ecstasy. Hunny loved the sensation of Sarah’s wet tongue and warm mouth on her horny kitten. She felt the arousal coursing through her body, and she could feel her squirt building and building, ready to explode. This woman, though. This cryptic Latin bombshell, with the body of a goddess and a devilish grin, pulled at something deep within. Something carnal that lived in the most animalistic regions of her mind. This Colombian milf had a direct link to Hunny’s g-spot, and she knew it. She relished it. Hunny watched as the Bartender slowly removed her breast from her dress. Their eyes never left each other’s gaze. Hunny squirted a little into Sarah’s mouth, who had gotten startled and stopped to come up for air. Hunny stared into the Spanish beauty’s eyes as she saw Allie do the same from her peripheral. She heard the dripping under Allie and felt her pussy release more. She bit her lip and continued to share the sexual connection with this unbelievable being. They both pushed their oral partners back into their pussy and continued to orgasm. Cassandra, Hunny had forgotten her name, started to move her tongue toward her nipple.

Hunny tilted her head downward submissively and nodded yes as she pulled her left c-cup out of her bikini top. She twisted her nipple and moaned softly for her distant lover. The sexy Latina smiled sensually as if feeding from the sexual desire Hunny emanated. Hunny heard the Bartender squirt more. Hunny pulled her other titty out of her top and began to massage them both. Cassandra, at the same time, began to suck on her own nipple as she rubbed her pussy into Allie’s helpless mouth.

“Sarah,” Hunny moaned, as she watched Cassandra tease her own nipples with her flicking tongue, “Don’t stop licking, no matter what.”

Hunny massaged her bosoms sultrily, teasing her nipples as she watched the Bartender use Allie’s head to masturbate. She started to rock her hips in rhythm with Cassandra’s. The rhythmic rocking of the seats sent them into a sexual trance. Hunny stared into the eyes of the only person who existed in this moment in time, and she felt Cassandra devouring her gaze as well. They rode faster and harder until they couldn’t stand it anymore. The Bartender pulled Allie’s head back by her hair and let out a shower of sweet nectar that soaked Allie, drenching the floor beneath her. The spray was so big that it caused Hunny to let out a stream into Sarah’s face for just as long.

Sarah stood up from beneath the bar, covered in Hunny’s juices. Allie appeared from behind the bar drenched from head to toe, smiling with her mouth open in astonishment. The Bartender hopped off the counter, still staring at Hunny, and adjusted her dress.

Hunny’s pussy was still orgasming from the exchange, and she softly moaned in pleasure as she replaced her sprightly breasts back in her top. The fabric rubbed her nipples softly, sending shivers down her groin. She reached down and tied her bottoms and licked her lips at Cassandra, who smiled hornily in return.

“Sorry about the mess we made,” Allie joked, as she leaned over to ring out her hair. Hunny felt her pussy tingle at the sound of how much liquid hit the floor.

“Don’t ever apologize, for having a good time,” Cassandra smiled and walked towards the sink behind the bar, throwing Hunny a wink. “If you are really sorry,” she threw Allie a towel, “You will help clean the bar.”

Hunny chuckled flirtatiously, earning another smile from her new obsession.

“Are you serious?” Allie retorted.

“What you did on the bar wasn’t exactly up to health code young lady,” Cassandra teased, washing her hands without looking at her, “and then you squirted on it.” She smiled at Allie as she turned off the water.

Allie blushed and Hunny could feel jealousy rearing its ugly head. She turned to look at Allie and instantly forgave her as she turned to clean the bar. Allie had returned her huge bosoms to their cramped resting place, but the wet fabric revealed everything as she cleaned. Hunny watched, entranced by their wavy jiggle as Allie cleaned the bar in front of her. She felt her pussy swelling up again as she watched Allie’s breast dance sultrily for her. She watched and felt her hand moving towards her…

She noticed that Allie’s hand had stopped moving and that she was no longer cleaning the bar. Her tits continued to sway Hunny into another orgasmic trance. She stole a glance upward and noticed Allie looking at her, shaking her tits for her friend. Hunny, who was two milliseconds away from shrieking in embarrassment, noticed that Allie’s other hand was between her legs. Hunny looked into her friend’s eyes, leaned up and over the bar, and spit into a willing Allie’s mouth.


Sarah had startled everyone back to reality with her water bottle, once again.

“Sarah,” Allie jumped, “You and that bottle, I swear!” She threw the wet towel at her friend, who caught it and smelled it.

“Ahhh, nothing like fresh juice in the morning,” Sarah joked.

The girls all shared a laugh as Cassandra lined up 4 coconuts and poured a shot of lustrous liquid in each. She then took a shot, herself, before continuing her task. She put the top on an unlabeled bottle and put it in the fridge.

“What’s that?” Hunny asked, her mouth subconsciously salivating from the sight of the liquid.

“It puts the magic in the Island Magic,” Cassandra answered without looking up. The reply, coupled with the Bartender’s mannerisms, sent a tingle of anxiety coursing up Hunny’s spine. She opened her mouth to ask more…

“I have an idea,” Cassandra started. “I have my little friends here,” she continued, as she pulled a small Ziploc bag from the fridge. She let it uncurl, to reveal 8 small translucent tabs. “I’m closing shop in 15. You girls have shown me such a good time in only a few minutes, that I want to show you all a good time for the next 10 hours.” Cassandra looked at each of them slowly, hungrily, as if she could gobble them up on the spot. “In this bag,” she said, her voice laced in seduction, “is the real island magic. We each take two of these, wait an hour, and we have a fun, wild, and very wet night.”

The girls looked at each other, the excitement clearly displayed on the faces of her two friends. She felt Cassandra look at her, pleadingly, longingly. Her eyes were almost begging Hunny to say yes.

“I’m in,” Sarah broke the silence, voice filled with enthusiasm. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

“We drown,” Allie joked. “We’re in,” she said looking at Hunny, her wet hair clinging to her soft skin. She pushed her chest out at Hunny as she tilted her head down. Looking up at Hunny with her sultry eyes, “All of us. Right, Hunny? Don’t you want to play with us?” Allie asked aloud, but her eyes asked Hunny to play with her, and her alone. Hunny nodded her head yes in agreement with a small smile. She pushed the second of nervousness away and decided to embrace the situation that presented itself to her with open arms.

Just then, they heard a couple of voices approaching, and all the women straightened up and tried to appear as normal as possible.

Allie began to walk from behind the bar when Cassandra grabbed her by the wrist. She turned Allie so that her back was facing her and pulled Allie back until she was pressed against the Bartender’s luscious breasts. The voices grew closer as Cassandra massaged Allie’s heaving chest, kneading them tenderly. Hunny watched as Allie trembled with pleasure. She felt her vagina reach new levels of arousal as she looked up from Allie’s gaze to meet Cassandra’s.  The Bartender freed Allie’s wet melons once more and teased the nipples for Hunny. The voices were so close now they could make out what was being said.

“Oh, this cabana looks open, we should get a drink,” they heard a woman say as Allie reached up to run her fingers through Cassandra’s hair as she teased her.

“Yea, it might calm your nerves,” a man’s voice shot back. Cassandra whispered something in Allie’s ear as she twisted both her nipples. She kept her eyes on Hunny as she tongued Allie’s lobe.

Allie smiled in a frisky manner and nodded in agreement. Bare-breasted and quivering, Allie crouched down and hid under the sink behind the bar. Cassandra reached down and grabbed the fabric that clung magnetically to her thick thighs and started to pull it up slowly.

The strangers appeared from the right side of the cabana. They were a married couple, and both appeared to be in their early 50s. The man was tall with a lanky build and wore a pair of white beach shorts under a button-up with a tropical shore printed around it. He wore tan, leather sandals that were strapped so tight that Hunny thought his toes would fall off from blood restriction. His Adam’s apple protruded almost to his chin, giving his neck a sort of bird-like feature. She noticed the entirety of his nose was covered in white sunblock, and he wore a straw beach hat to protect his short, pepper-colored hair. His wife was a frumpy, annoyed-looking woman who appeared to be about Hunny’s height. She was dressed in a blue-striped, one-piece bathing suit with matching flip-flops. Her toenails were painted the same shade of deep red that she wore on her lips. Her chestnut hair was cut into a short, asymmetrical bob that reached down to her chin. Hunny could not see her eyes, as the woman covered them with a huge pair of pointed sunglasses. They walked behind Hunny and Sarah until they reached the middle of the small bar.

“Evening, ladies,” the husband said as he eyed the small menu. He leaned against the bar, without making eye contact. “Ah, I leaned in something wet,” he started, annoyed. “Don’t you…” he started, his voice trailing off as he noticed Cassandra’s soaked dress. “Don’t you hate it when the ocean follows you around?” He chuckled oafishly.

Cassandra let out a small laugh that had a hint of moaning behind it. Hunny had forgotten that Allie was under the sink. She leaned a little from her perch to see The Bartender had tied her dress around her upper thighs. Enough for Allie to continue teasing and licking, but low enough for her body to remain hidden. Hunny watched as she shifted her body in pleasure from the sneaky oral titillation. Hunny noticed that the wife had noticed as well. She had removed her sunglasses and looked disapproving at the lot of them.

“Is the water nice?” The husband asked, stealing Hunny’s attention.

“I’m sorry?” Hunny replied, seeking clarification.

“You’re all soaked from head to toe,” the husband replied, unable to hide the thoughts behind his perverted smile. “So close to the off-season, there’s barely anyone around. You ladies are the first people we’ve seen all day.”

“Oh yeah,” Sarah replied. “It’s great, but it’s so cold,” she answered, slightly poking her chest out to bring attention to her hard nipples.

The husband noticed the peeking areola and audibly gulped in his throat. His wife elbowed him in the ribs, hard, for all to see.

“Would you like to order your wife a drink, Harold?” she snapped, crossing her arms.

“Oh yes, right… yes dear,” Harold stammered as he struggled to turn back to the menu. Flustered and aroused, Harold put the menu down and gave up trying to read it. “What would you recommend?” he asked the Bartender in a shaky voice, his eyes darting between her face and her visible, rock-hard nipples. Hunny watched as Cassandra took a step and a half back.

“The Island Magic is the only thing to get,” she said to him in a sexy whisper they could all hear. Hunny noticed the man’s eyes shift downward as Cassandra sneakily lifted her skirt to just above her pussy lips. Hunny closed her legs on her clit again as she watched The Bartender gently massage herself out of the short woman’s sight. “It’s a rum-based cocktail served in a coconut and topped with delicious fruit.” Hunny and the man watched as Allie’s hand appeared from beneath the sink to massage the vixen. The husband took his hat off and set it on the bar, eyes open in disbelief. He struggled to watch the show without his wife catching on to him. “I put a special ingredient in as well. It’s a secret,” she moaned the word as they watched Allie slide her fingers in. “An aphrodisiac, if you will, unique to the island that will,” she let a low soft moan, turning to the wife, “unleash your inner goddess and allow you to reach new sexual heights you never thought possible.”

Hunny noticed that the wife’s expression matched the husband’s, even though she wasn’t invited to the secret show down below. Hunny watched as she visibly shook herself back to reality, turning beet red from embarrassment.

“We’ll take two,” she snapped as she grabbed her husband’s arm and pulled him away. “You all should think about changing as well. It’s inappropriate, the way you’re carrying yourselves around married people. Get over here, Harold!”

Hunny watched as she walked her husband a few feet away from the cabana to wait for their drinks. Harold tried to turn around and look back at the bevy of babes, but his wife caught his face by the jaw. “There’s something strange happening here,” Hunny heard her say. I keep telling you!”

“Okay,” Cassandra said, pulling her back to reality, “when I’m done with these drinks, I’ll close up shop. If you girls want, I can take you, to a romantic waterfall in the jungle,” she moaned as she orgasmed on Allie’s soft tongue, which had made it way back to her soaked flower. “I stay there most weekends and camp out, so there are already supplies at the site. We can trip, and squirt, and fuck, and stare at the stars.”

Hunny watched as Cassandra quickly grabbed her supplies from the bar. She returned to her place in front of Allie and handed the young woman two shot glasses. She then started mixing the drinks and poured the cocktail into the coconuts.

Hunny looked over at the married couple to see how events were unfolding. The wife was standing with her arms folded directly in front of her husband, staring into his eyes. She was determined to keep him from sneaking peeks at the bombshells behind him.

The sound of running water spraying the ground caught all of their attention. Both husband and wife turned their heads towards the noise.

Cassandra laughed as she waved to them, “Sorry, just spilled something, but I have your final ingredients for your drinks.” Hunny watched as Allie handed her the two shot glasses, both filled with the same liquid that Hunny had seen earlier. She realized that the ingredient behind her Island Magic was the squirt she loved. Turned on by the revelation, Hunny downed her drink greedily as Cassandra poured the ‘secret ingredient’ into the coconuts and handed them to her customers.

“What do we owe you?” The husband asked, happy to be back under the cabana roof.

“Nothing,” Cassandra answered, “On the house for my last customers of the night.”

“Well thanks for that,” the wife said curtly, “It’s the least you could do for sexually assaulting us visually!” She grabbed her husband and stormed off. “I bet she gives everything away for free!”

Allie stood up and laughed. She grabbed Cassandra’s hair and pulled her down to her mouth. Allie kissed the Latin attraction passionately, sliding her tongue into the woman’s mouth. She slid some spit into Cassandra’s mouth to share the taste of her pussy juices. When she pulled away, spit fell from their mouths, landing perfectly on their busty chests.

“Is it time to take those tabs now?” she asked innocently.

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