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Riding the Lightening

Season 1
Riding the Lightening: Chapter One

The storm of the century was ravaging the nation. Every media outlet had been covering the story since it had started raging, appearing without warning. Its tumultuous winds began to wreak havoc almost immediately, ripping limbs from trees, and beating at power lines. Heavy rains fell upon the earth in endless waves, flooding her streets and immobilizing traffic. It seemed as if the world would be swallowed up by the torrential nightmare.

Commuters were stranded on highways, their metal sanctuaries powerless against the waters that had begun to invade from below. People had been left without power, or a means of escape, as homes fell prey to the malleable predator. AMEF was reportedly working on a response to aid those who had fallen victim to the devastation but were dragging their feet as usual.

Tabitha wasn’t paying attention to the updates, though. The 23-year-old had long since drowned out the droning voices of the cookie-cutter news anchors with her carefully curated Venus and the Serene’s playlist.

More importantly, though, it drowned out the indignation that raged wildly outside. The young woman had feared thunder for as long as she could remember. Where others found peace in the ambient sounds, Tabitha found sleeplessness and terror. It hit even worse tonight when the storm reached her city.

The first flash of lightning had streaked visibly across the sky a few hours ago, accompanied almost immediately by a loud crash of thunder that rattled her windows. Tabitha had just laid down for bed when the storm hit and had begun to drift off before her head hit her pillow. The sudden burst of the storm’s fury had jolted her awake, causing the turtle she had been ignoring to make a frightened escape attempt.  She watched the storm as lightning skipped from cloud to cloud, mesmerized by its terror, before she decided to ignore it. `

Between her now-closed blackout curtains, her noise-canceling headphones, and the playlist of all playlists, the young woman was all set to ride out the storm in peace.

Tabitha lay across her queen bed on her stomach, leaning against her elbows as her feet swung in the air behind her. Her soft calves led into even wider and softer thighs that jiggled gently as she rocked to the calming melody. The black boy shorts she wore looked as though they were painted on. Printed on the back was an image of her favorite scantily clad superheroine, Black Kitten. Two sizes too small for her thick, curvaceous body, the boy shorts looked as if they would snap at the seams if she moved the wrong, or right, way. She adjusted her body, attempting to get more comfortable as the storm raged on outside. Her juicy butt cheeks jiggled underneath the stretched cloth, attempting to free themselves from their stifling prison. The shorts simply displayed their strength, keeping her bouncing cheeks contained while moving in tandem with their arousing fluidity.

Her thickset body was comfortably dressed in a loose black spaghetti strap crop top, her large tits smushed together between her arms as she read the latest issue of Black Kitten on her tablet. The sexy heroine had always been a favorite of hers, combining her hyper-realistic curves and crime-fighting prowess with her massive sex appeal and her insatiable libido.

Tabitha reached back without looking, attempting to free her black kitten boy shorts from the clutches of her round, cellulite-covered ass. The effort proved futile, however. As soon as she let go of the already stressed fabric, her starving cheeks and moistening pussy swallowed them back up, returning them snugly to their resting place.

Suddenly, without warning, her room went completely dark causing the bodacious bookworm to jump with fright. Her heaving breasts bounced and jiggled ferociously within her loose-fighting top. Her nipples stiffened amid all the excitement, sending waves of unexpected pleasure coursing through her milky tits. She reached for them subconsciously, squeezing and kneading them, attempting to ease her fear-addled mind.

The news anchors were swallowed into the black as the power in her apartment went out. The only light in her room emanated from the tablet she was previously so invested in, and the flashing thunder that now managed to circumvent her blackout curtains. Fear began to set in as the thunder crashed relentlessly outside, barely resting in between bellows.

She sat up on her bed, desperately thinking of what to do. She was resting on her knees, still massaging her tantalizing tits as panic began to set in. Her eyes opened wider as the tablet died as well, leaving her without a source of light.

Thunder crashed again, loudly, rattling her windows as if testing their limits. She felt a little pee escape into her panties, which was already soaking wet from the sex-filled adventures of Black Kitten.

That’s it! She thought to herself, what would Black Kitten do?

Tabitha took a deep breath, filling her lungs until she couldn’t breathe in anymore, and slowly let the air back out. She repeated her calming breaths a few more times, thanking Gaia for lighter lightning strikes.

“Duh,” she squealed aloud, “my phone!”

She reached around frantically in the dark searching for her lost phone. She fought to keep the spark of hope alive as she searched for what seemed like an eternity, her hands wrestling through the contents that lay on her bed with her. Lightning flashed and thunder crashed outside as the storm continued to rage unimpeded by her lack of illumination. Tabitha felt the tears welling up in her eyes as the spark of hope began to fade out of existence.

And just when all hope appeared to be lost, the frightened woman felt her hand hit the small, thin, brick that was her cellular phone. She hurriedly picked it up and pressed the power button to illuminate the phone screen. Dismay quickly filled her frantic heart as she realized that the battery only had 10% left.

Tabitha rushed to her bedside table that held her power strip. She fumbled in the dark for the first cord, working it between her nimble fingers until she reached the end. The sexy vixen was simply trying to maximize time so that she was not left in the dark when her phone died. She grabbed the second cord and pulled it taut, the same as the other, holding both ends in between her fingers. She repeated these two more times grabbing the cords for her tablet, her laptop, and her iPod hoping to charge them all so that they could carry her through the downpour.

Once she had all her supplies, Tabitha then turned on the flashlight and hurriedly plugged in everything. The phone was the last thing to get plugged in as it had to provide light for her operation. She managed to get all the items plugged in and then waited for their screens to pop up and the battery to show her that they were all charging. Tabitha waited, watching patiently for what seemed like an eternity. Her eyes were so focused on the screens that she didn’t even notice her phone battery reaching 1%.

Once again thunder boomed overhead rattling the bones of the apartment building that she lived in. The indignation had proved to be beneficial however as it had snapped her from her fear-filled trance and helped her to remember that the power in her apartment had gone out. Her items would not be charged. There was no electricity to light up her life. There was no power. There was no hope of drowning out the storm.

The squall raging outside now loomed menacingly overhead as it let loose a series of thundering cracks that rippled across the sky. The sound waves sent the city into a small earthquake. Buildings sway, testing the limits of their foundation and the prowess of its architecture. Car alarms began to blare, only audible between the scary fury that reigned outside. Tabitha jumped under the covers of her bed in an attempt to protect herself. A safety blanket that proved to truly be her last line of defense.

The thunder began to roll incessantly, its booming sound waves traveling with each other strengthening each other, as if trying to blast through space and time.

Tabitha couldn’t take it. She began to have a panic attack as her anxiety welled up within her reaching new heights. She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes and even beginning to escape, as she pondered her fate. Her heartbeat was so fast that she thought it would explode in her chest. Suddenly, the curvaceous kitten began to hyperventilate, her heaving tits raising and lowering with the rapid breaths that she was taking.

The young woman jumped up and ran to her bathroom, her feet guided only by memory and stray lightning flashes that peaked in through her windows. She ran. Her ample body and thick sexy curves bounced and shook seductively. Almost hypnotizingly. With every step that she took towards the bathroom. Her shorts raised higher into her cracks and crevices, melding to her fantastic form as if it were a second layer of skin. Her puffy pussy lips grabbed hold of the fabric in the front of her shorts sucking them in, devouring them. She had moistened them with the remnants of luscious liquid that had started to drip and form as she was reading her black kitten comics. A small wet spot began to form in between the lips of her sexy camel toe. Her puffy lips rubbed her clit with each step of her thick juicy thighs, pressing them together squeezing them, making them tease that sexy bean in between. She could feel how wet she was, and she felt it starting to move to the outside of her pussy.

Tabitha’s plump juicy booty hypnotically recoiled as she walked, bouncing in rhythm with each step that she took. The bottoms of her cheeks were poking out from under her tight shorts, the elastic hem cutting into them like twine in a loaf of bread. The shorts had moved so far up the crack of her ass that there was no way for them to escape. They were so form-fitting that she couldn’t even pull them down without them riding back up all on their own. Her supple thighs jiggled and twisted, rubbing against each other as she walked bouncing in rhythm with her beautiful booty.

Her stomach seeped out in between her shorts and her tight top revealing a sexy pouch and cute innie belly button. Her titties spilled out of the small top pulling at the spaghetti straps, stressing them beyond their limits. But the straps held, pulling her sexy melons upright against gravity, but also causing them to bounce uncontrollably. Her areolas began peeking over the tops of her shirt. As she hurried down the hall, her girls bounced up and down, attempting to escape their flimsy cage.

Upon reaching her destination, Tabitha quickly opened her medicine cabinet looking for her inhaler. She snatched it from the shelf and hurriedly rushed to the toilet without closing the mirror. Tabitha pushed her damp, moist shorts down and set her two plump, clammy cheeks on the toilet seat. She hit her inhaler a few times as she relieved herself and felt her body calming down as she slowly returned to her senses.

The plus-size bombshell fumbled in the darkness, completing the checklist of usual tasks before stumbling her way out of the windowless bathroom into the pitch-black hallway.

She made her way back to the safety of her room, ignoring the rumblings and flashings outside as best she could. Once inside, Tabitha crawled back onto her bed and slid under her warm blankets, putting them over her head and shutting the world out. She lay there, idly, wondering how she was going to block out the terrifying sounds that effortlessly penetrated her walls. She had no clue how she was going to do so.

At that very moment, Tabitha remembered that she had kept a flashlight and pack of batteries in her bedside table in case of emergencies.

This certainly qualified as an emergency.

The gorgeous girl turned over, laying on her right side, and pulled out the drawer to her bedside table with her left hand. She began to rummage around in the drawer in the darkness, catching glimpses of the clutter inside as the lightning flashed. She felt around slowly, focusing on whatever touched her fingertips as she tried to remember everything that she had chucked in there. She felt herself dig passed headbands, old charger cords, loose dead batteries, and other small knickknacks that had made their way into the drawer.

She began to dig deeper for the flashlight and batteries. Deeper and deeper she dug, looking for her hidden treasures within the drawer. As she searched desperately for her flashlight, panic began to creep in with each passing second.

The thunder outside had not ceased. The lightning had not stopped. The storm raged on unimpeded and unabashed, inadvertently showing her how insignificant she was in the grand scheme of things.

Just as she began to lose hope, her hand hit something familiar. Something she had not seen or felt in a long time. Tabitha wrapped her hand firmly around the hard plastic, circular device, fishing it out of the sea of knick-knacks and should-be trash. She pulled the CD player free from the drawer and held it high into the air triumphantly. Lightning flashed brightly, sneaking its way past her curtains and illuminating her room with an airy glow. Flashing non-stop, as if providing light for her to see her newfound tool.

Tabitha turned on the CD player but saw that it had no power. The batteries were dead. She rummaged around in the drawer again this time finding an old remote to a cable box she no longer had. To her luck that remote contained the same sized batteries that she needed for her CD player. Tabitha surgically removed the organs from the remote and transplanted them into her compact disc player. She connected her headphones and pressed play.

To her surprise, the CD that was stuck inside was none other than the first LP released by Venus and the Serene’s. She skipped back to the first song and began to listen keenly. Her heart leapt with joy as the sounds of the thunder outside were replaced by the melodic and hypnotic voices of her favorite band.

Taking deep breaths, Tabitha steadied her nerves, calming herself and calming her heart as she listened to the sweet tunes that played through her headphones. She began to focus and meditate on everything around her and bring situational awareness to the forefront of her mind. She wanted to be ready in case anything else happened. She had to have an idea of what to do if a more severe emergency struck.

As she lay in bed, pondering the seriousness of the situation that she was in, Tabitha began to recall things that she had long forgotten. She remembered that she had a vinyl player that ran off of huge batteries in the closet collecting dust. She remembered the Venus vinyl’s that she had gotten for Christmas and how they were tucked away in a safety bin under her bed. She remembered all the little knick-knacks that she had let pile up in her drawer over the last few years.

The most important being the purple 7-inch, vibrating, pulsating, rabbit-tickling vibrator that she had buried in the second drawer of her table. She sat up excitedly, leaning on one elbow. Her tits hung sexily in the air as she reached over to pull open the drawer. One of her spaghetti straps fell off her shoulder revealing more of her light brown areola. She fixed it half-heartedly, deciding to stop when the fabric pressed against her nipple, gently flicking, slightly arousing the slutty sexpot. She searched through the drawer faster, feeling her pussy moisten once again as the beat played in her ears.

Her fingertips ran softly along the edge of the silicone sex toy that lay flat on the bottom of her nightstand drawer. She wrapped her fingers around it gently, carefully, as if she were afraid that the toy was fragile and would break at the touch. Slowly and steadily, she pulled the toy from its prison, freeing all 7 inches of it from captivity. She held the power button down for 3 seconds testing it.


The toy sprang to life, dancing to the rhythm of its own gentle vibration. Buzzing in her hand lightly tickling her palm. She felt a smile form on her face for the first time in what seemed like hours. The corners of her mouth reached from ear to ear as she watched.

Tabitha’s fear was quickly replaced by excitement. She had her first ever Venus and Serene’s CD playing, and she found the perfect toy to occupy her time.

Tabitha lay down, allowing her body to rest as she sank into the plush pillowtop. She felt her muscles release a sigh of relief as her mind calmed. They had been tensed and tight the entire time she was panicking and now that they had released, she felt as if she had just run 3 miles. Tabitha laughed at herself for allowing her mind to panic like that.

She reached over and opened a small music box that was sitting prominently on her bedside table. Opening the lid to the adorable trinket, a strong and welcoming aroma quickly flooded the room, followed by a cute tune.

Stacked neatly inside were a bunch of pre-rolls filled with her favorite Indica dominant hybrid. She pulled one of the pre-rolls from the trinket and grabbed the lighter that rested faithfully by her bed.

Tabitha lit the pre-roll ecstatically, taking one long drag as she did. She watched the orange flame dance whimsically in the darkness as it bathed her weed in its heat. She felt the smoke filling her lungs and continued to breathe in, pushing her lungs past capacity. She held the smoke in, letting it marinate, feeling its calming, and arousing effects as it seeped into her body.

Tabitha continued to smoke as she listened to the divine guitar riffs. She couldn’t believe that she was living such a low-maintenance, retro life and was starting to get into it. She had no lights during the storm just like in colonial times. She was listening to a CD produced by a band from the 80s. And she was hot boxing in her room like she was a teenager again.

Tabitha smiled to herself as she felt her pussy lips moisten more.

She loved the first album that Venus ever put out. Something about it, and her sexually ethereal lyrics, had always spoken to her, to her body… to her throbbing kitten. She couldn’t help but become more and more horny as Venus’s seductive lyrics and sensual voice rang in her ears. She was so enamored by the rock stars musical mysticism that she had completely forgotten about the storm.

Our sultry siren was halfway through her joint when she couldn’t resist it any longer. She felt her puffy lips dampening her short pants even more. She felt her nipples becoming stiff and hard, scratching against the surface, causing a pleasurable sensation to ripple through her chest.

She let go of the joint, pressing the weedy stick in between her lips. The horny honey began to massage and knead her soft voluptuous breasts, rubbing them sensually between her soft fingers as she took another hit.

She began to breathe deeper and slower as she enjoyed the sensations that had taken control of her. Tabitha began to knead them harder, making sure to clinch her nipples in between her fingers, intensifying her pleasure. She felt her luscious kitten purring in between her thick lips and crossed her legs, adding pressure to her pleasure point.

She let out a soft moan as she felt how slippery and wet her pussy lips had become. Her hole ached to be penetrated. All she could think about was Black Kitten and how sexy she had been in that last issue. How she used her sultry feminine wiles to save the day and still managed to have great sex!

Tabitha began to squirm and ride in sexual agony, her body waiting for the pending orgasm to make its appearance. She began to grow more and more horny as she recalled Black Kitten’s tight black outfit that hugged her curves perfectly. The artist knew what they were doing when they came up with the design for her.

Tabitha’s fingers began to lightly dance their way down her sexy chubby stomach towards her yearning yoni. She loved the way that her shorts felt when she grabbed them and pulled them up in between her puffy lips. She felt them growing more and more damp the more she played with herself.

She loved teasing her tight little hole, she couldn’t get enough of it. It was more than enough to make her orgasm in extreme pleasure. Tabitha felt as her hand eagerly slid inside of her small shorts. She began playing, softly, with her moist lips, spreading them slowly with two fingers. Then she’d rub from her gushing hole up to her stiff clit, teasing it softly, before squeezing her lips back together, gently. Tabitha repeated the process, mixing up the sensations on her clit to maximize her arousal.

She felt the smooth skin underneath her frisky fingertips, getting turned on by how damp they had become.

Tabitha pressed down more, slowly increasing the intensity of the eroticism coursing through her.

Tabitha turned herself on so much that the joint had almost slipped her mind. She caught it in between her dank fingers seconds before the elongated ash strip fell. It landed peacefully on her sheet, leaving a small hole with crispy edges where the fabric had once been. Tabitha was just happy that the ash had fallen on the bed instead of on her. She didn’t want anything to spoil the mood that she was in.

She continued to tease her throbbing pussy as her legs slowly opened. Wider and wider they spread as her knees went into the air. She began to massage her purring kitty as her toes curled into her sheets. She scooted down, laying her head back and closing her eyes as Venus serenaded her. Once the pre-roll had run its course, she happily placed the butt into the ashtray, eager to focus on what was most important. Her middle finger slid up her glistening labia to her swollen clit. Tabitha couldn’t resist her fully engorged, sensitive bean, she rubbed it gently, brushing the delicate surface with her horny fingertips. She lightly squeezed her clit as she continued to play with it. Fulfilling her needs and sending waves of pleasure through her body.

Tabitha’s favorite song started to play. ‘Take me like a melody,’ it was the song that she had first heard by them, a perfect introduction to their music. Coincidentally enough she was touching herself then as well.

She listened as Venus’s melodic, and hypnotic, voice rang in her ears. The symphonic melody penetrated her brain, caressing her neurons on a microscopic level and lulling her into a deeper arousal. She was swept away in a sensual flow of harmonics as she felt her friend Mary Jane’s intoxicating embrace.

Tabitha slowly slid her middle finger into her dripping wet sex. She gasped and moaned at the sensation of the sudden penetration. Her pussy moistened more, her erotic juices dripped freely from the tight hole as she fingered it nice and slow. She moved her fingertip against her g spot as it slid in and out. Her toes curled grasping at her sheets. Her lips parted and she began moaning quietly.

She loved everything about the sensation. Her room was hazy, filled with smoke that she kept recycling. Venus was singing to her and only her, calming her from the looming threat that waited outside. Venus’s sole mission was to make her forget about the tribulations that the world was going through and only focus on herself… and what was between her thick sexy legs.

Her dripping wet hole, aroused and hungry, was begging for another finger. She slid another member in as she felt her dripping pussy grip her fingers tightly, turned on by her own honey. She felt her hips begin to grind against her fingers, the mouth of her kitten attempting to swallow them whole. Her fingers went deeper inside her as she trembled in pleasure, penetrating herself as far as she could go as she continued to massage her g-spot. No longer able to contain all the ecstasy flowing through her, she let her juices build up, ready to explode.

Tabitha began to orgasm uncontrollably, feeling her pulsing pussy dripping more and more. The wet juices ran past her fingers, pooled up in her palm and began running down her ass cheeks. She felt the sheets moistening beneath her voluptuous figure and it made her even hornier.

Her pussy throbbed for more, cumming harder and tighter, aroused by the growing puddle beneath her. She felt herself tighten, her honey pot clamping down on her own fingers with its nectar-covered muscles. Tabitha felt her entire pussy shudder in overwhelming pleasure.

Her home seemed to close on her fingers, trapping them inside of her hot, wet box, as her mouth released moans of gratification. She rolled to her side with her fingers still inserted, her breath catching in her throat as she rode the wave.

Tabitha lay in her cozy orgasmic spot for a few moments as she slowly returned to earth. She opened her eyes just in time to see the symphony of flashes that peeked in from behind her thick curtains. The flashes themselves seemed to dance to the melody that played solely for Tabitha. She felt her vagina moisten even more as she mused that Venus’s voice could even control the weather.

She felt herself pulsate, yearning for more. She slipped in another finger and began to massage the inside of her pussy gently, feeling the weakening ripples of ecstasy rebuilding as she slowly inserted them. She continued to cum gently until she could no longer take it.

Tabitha couldn’t tease her pussy anymore. She couldn’t play with it any longer. She needed something in it. Something big. Something deep. Something hard. Something that would vibrate and stimulate different areas of her kitty simultaneously while she thought about Black Kitten riding her face.

She reached for her vibrator as she sucked the fresh orgasm from her fingers. She held the power button down and watched as it hummed to life. The aroused seductress licked the delicious juices from every inch of her fingers as her eyes focused on the soft pink light that indicated the toy was as turned on as she was.

Tabitha then moved the toy to her lips, slowly, sensually, her eyes fixated on the slightly curved tip. She felt the tip of the toy press against her gently pursed lips and began to kiss it as she gently squeezed her nipple with her other hand. Her tits were completely exposed now, jiggling with the physics of a Japanese cartoon. They shook sexually as she kneaded them with her hands. The top of her shirt was buried deeply underneath her heaving blessings. The base of her shirt had ridden up, exposing her sexy chubby belly. Her shorts had made their way down to around the middle of her hips exposing the top of her delicious fupa.

She reached down and removed her shorts, the buzzing toy clenched in between her teeth as she rolled off the sopping fabric. She felt the squirt coming from the bunched-up fabric as the shorts made their way past her feet. The chilling wet sensation sent shivers coursing up her spine, making her gasp sensually. Her hand went quickly back to her toy that almost fell out of her mouth.

Tabitha began to suck the toy sensually, gently sliding it in deeper and deeper with every stroke. The taste of the silicone sent her clit into a frenzy, the erogenous flesh eager for her mouth to be fed. She became more and more aroused, more and more horny, as she continued to fellate the toy. It wasn’t the taste of the toy that sent ripples of pleasure through her pussy, it was the fact that she was yearning to be penetrated by something bigger and thicker than her fingers and this toy was sure to do the job.

She removed the toy from her mouth, slowly, and watched hungrily as spit dangled from it, landing softly on her heaving breasts. She moved it slowly down her chest in between her glistening bosoms, stopping for a moment to fuck them slowly with the toy. Moving it up and down in between her giant, soft melons as she continued to grind her hips into the soaked covers. Tabitha could not sit still. Her pussy called out to the toy longingly, begging for it to come home.

She continued moving the toy down her belly, past her groin, positioning it perfectly on her lips. Tabitha began to tease in between them gently, feeling how wet they had become.

Now was not the time for teasing, however. The horny vixen needed it inside of her. She needed stronger, deeper, tighter orgasms. She needed to cum. She needed to release everything within her, everything that had been building up. Tabitha felt her pussy begging for a fucking so wet, so nasty, that she’d forget she was pleasuring herself.

Determined, and hornier than ever, she passionately and slowly slid the toy in as deep as it could go.

Tabitha lost herself in the deep rippling sensations that were emanating from her dripping honeypot. She continued to play with her toy, fucking it and herself over and over. The insatiable woman continued to stroke her gripping hole, grinding her hips against the toy, as the rabbit massaged her buzzing clit.

She lay flat on her back, sliding her hips deeper and deeper gently against the toy, trying to reach her aching cervix. She needed more, needed it deeper. She wanted it inside of her. She reached down with her other hand and pressed the rabbit attachment harder against her swollen clit. She let out a loud moan while gasping for air, enjoying the stimulation that was being given to her. Tabitha felt her moist kitten clamp down more, tightening on the portion that was inserted.

Tabitha slowly turned up the heat, speeding up her playing. She worked the toy masterfully, increasing her pleasure gently at first, gradually thrusting harder and faster, pushing it in deeper until she penetrated her deeper hole slightly. She continued turning up the intensity until the toy slipped out of her orgasmic vice grip, her sweet nectar causing the toy to slide out of her soaked hole.

The young woman felt her pussy orgasm uncontrollably as squirt escaped from her sex, showering her hands and toy, ruining her nice warm blankets. The sensation of the squirt leaving her horny body, ejaculating from her tiny hole, sent her over the edge. Her pussy clenched down tantrically as if the toy was still inserted. She continues cumming harder and harder, her gushing geyser helping her forget about what was going on outside.

Tabitha rolled over, again, this time on her soft stomach and squishy tits. She was gasping for air as she continued to orgasm uncontrollably. She slipped the dildo in between her juicy pussy lips and rubbed it back and forth, its curved tip tickling her hard clit just right, delighting her senses. She let out a soft moan as she continued to arouse and stimulate herself, her stiff nipples rubbed against the fabric underneath her.

The lust filled sex kitten couldn’t help but let out a devilish smile as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She continued to stimulate her clit, thinking about Black Kitten’s tight curvy body shoved into her black spandex. She slowly slipped the tip of the toy into her throbbing vagina as she pictured the woman giving her a sexy strip tease.

Tabitha knew she was a fictional character but at this moment in time she didn’t care. Sliding the toy in halfway she continued to picture the woman sitting on top of her, slowly undressing, grinding herself into Tabitha’s passionflower, the petals dripping with the nectar from her orgasm. She let out a whimper as she slipped all the dildo had to offer inside of her, letting it marinate in her juices as she came on it. She fucked her toy slowly and sensually as she imagined the sexy superheroine scissoring against her soaking sweet spot.

The ravishing woman let her mind run wild. She visualized the slutty superhero sitting her puffy pussy right on her face, riding and grinding over her mouth as she fed her squirt to an eager and willing Tabitha. The vision sent Tabitha over the edge; she fucked her toy harder. The arousing sexpot began to grind on it faster and faster, twerking on the toy as she imagined the woman sitting on her face. She arched her back as she spread her knees wider giving her more room to enjoy the full length of the toy. She hungrily bounced on top of it inserting it deeper and deeper into her wet and starving pussy with every motion. The feeling of her ass jiggle and hearing the clap of her huge cheeks stirred her into riding the toy harder and faster, her slutty hole needed every inch. Her succulent pussy lips caressed the sides of the toy, adding to the buzzing desire she was feeling. Her tight pussy gripped the thick shaft of it, choking it with her orgasmic vice grip, savoring its vibrations as she stretched herself out on it. She loved imagining what Black Kitten’s hot, wet squirt felt like gushing down her throat as she came harder on her toy.

She found the pressure building up inside of her almost agonizingly pleasurable. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She couldn’t take it. The moment she had been working towards was finally here. She closed her eyes and let her mind get lost in the waves of sensations that were risk of coursing through her body. Tabitha let herself into her orgasm, relinquishing control of her body as she came, attempting to release some of the pressure.

She felt the muscles of her pussy erratically clench down as she continued to fuck her toy. Gathering herself for a moment she sat up on her knees with the base of her toy sitting against the mattress and standing up right in her pussy. Tabitha clutched her chest, her soft melons waiting for her hands, she instantly pinched her nipples, twisting and playing with them as she jumped up and down on the toy. She rode her vibrating friend passionately, desperate for the bottled-up orgasm to uncork itself, erupting her wet and wild juices all over her thick, horny body. She sucked one of her nipples into her mouth and lightly bit down on it. With her hard nipple delicately placed between her teeth, she stroked her tongue against it, flicking the nipple quickly before releasing it, mesmerized by the way it bounced from her mouth and continued to jiggle as she unrelentingly fucked her toy. She inserted the powered-up dildo as deep as it could go, holding it in place as her soaking sex leaked all over the toy. Her glistening pussy grinded against the bunny attachment, the vibrating silicone rubbed against her sensitive clit as she exhaled in an orgasm. She reached down and began to press her pussy into the toy, gently helping herself along. Just as the song strumming throughout her headphones faded into black before the next song began the roaring thunder let out a piercing crack, startling her and her pussy, causing a ferocious eruption.

The woman’s hot, juicy squirt quickly pooled up under her, overflowing her bed as it trickled onto the floor. She continued to grind her hips as she watched her squirt seep into her mattress. Placing her hands on the sopping wet blanket, Tabitha grabbed ahold of them as she began to fuck against her toy.

This time she looked over her shoulder and into her mirror, watching her own ass jiggle and bounce as she twerked up and down on her toy. The storm outside seemed to delight in the erotic spectacle, its lightening illuminating the room and setting the stage for its own tantric theater. The pleasurable sensation caused her to squeeze her blanket tighter, wringing some of the trapped juices free and dampening her hands.

Tabitha didn’t care. She barely even noticed. If anything, it turned her on even more, arousing her even beyond measure. She looked back at her own body, lusting for it, loving it. She watched her plump cheeks bounce repeatedly as she rode the toy, increasing her speed in order to stimulate herself more.

The woman turned around and faced herself in the mirror, feeling the wet bedding clinging to her skin. She played with her titties, bouncing them up and down with her hands as she sat down deeply on the toy, moving her hips in small circles on it. She felt her pussy building up again. She felt the wave of pleasure beginning to crescendo, the abundance of squirt hidden behind her walls, building up ready to break free of their dam.

Tabitha began bouncing on the toy once again, this time covering her huge breasts in her hands, watching how they jostled as she held them against her chest.

She continued to moan and ride holding in the orgasm as best she could, attempting to make it as pleasurable as possible. The woman continued to watch herself erotically, giving herself her own sensual sexy show.

Tabitha couldn’t stop. Something had come over. Had taken hold of her faculties and was driving her to satiate the insatiable. She was now consumed by nothing but the heat of passion and the waves of bliss that engulfed her being.

Her aura had been replaced with that of a sexual goddess as she continued to cum tantrically on her toy. She looked into her own eyes and felt herself at the breaking point. She couldn’t hold it. And she certainly couldn’t cum like this, not in this position. Not with the levies signaling that they could no longer hold her tantalizing pool of eros at bay.

Quickly laying back the woman spread her legs wide lifting her feet into the air, spanking her pink pussy feverishly, driving herself mad with lust. She began stimulating her clit wildly, jetting squirt into the dark air. The stream of lustrous juices shot from her tight dripping vagina all the way across the room, hitting her mirror. Watching herself squirt sent her into a frenzy, her pussy swelled with satisfaction, magnifying her orgasm and amplifying her squirt even more. The woman continued to move her hands sensually over her clit, swiping it side to side, attempting to prolong the geyser that had erupted between her legs.

The aroused goddess continued to squirt, shooting her luscious liquid for just a few more heavenly seconds. The fetish filled fountain dissipated as quickly as it had appeared, leaving the spent being lying in bed shaking from the continued waves of pleasure that reverberated throughout her body. She looked down at her feet and saw not only a huge puddle of the luscious liquid gathered around her, but she also saw the remnants of the trail that had soared through the skies.

She continued to use the vibrator on herself, keeping her stimulated and aroused, edging herself until her next session.

Shuddering from the orgasmic stimulation, Tabitha reached over and freed another joint from its resting place. She searched for her lighter that had gotten lost in the folds of the covers. She found it and happily guided her joint into her mouth. She took quick puffs, igniting the weed stick as her CD started over from track one.

‘Well, I guess I have to take it from the top,’ Tabitha moaned to herself, the ambience reinvigorating her clit once again.

Tabitha awoke with a jolt, the sounds of the city blaring through her window louder than normal. The Sun’s light crept through her groggy eyelids attempting to wake her up, but they refuse to open.

She finally managed to crack them for just a split second before they shot wide open all their own. Tabitha had awoken to a soaked bed, her skin damp from sleeping in her own juices. There were multiple burn holes in the sheet and four pre-roll butts scattered around where she had slept. She looked at the clock and saw that she had only been asleep for 2 hours. The woman had been playing and exciting herself all night to get through the storm and didn’t even remember falling asleep.

That, however, was not what had caused her to go bug eyed. Her eyes moved to where her wall and window should have been, but neither of them was in their usual place. Tabitha was looking outside, and across the street where a neighboring apartment building had been reduced to a pile of rubble.

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