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Hunny Summers and the Island Magic

Season 1
Chapter 2- Hidden Pleasures

“Are we almost there?” Allie groaned as the group trudged through the humid jungle.

“Almost,” Cassandra answered with a chuckle. “It is worth the effort, trust me,” Cassandra added as she led the girls through the jungle. Hunny walked behind her and was getting hornier and hornier as she watched the Bartender’s plump bottom jiggle in the moonlight. “I stumbled across this spot one night while in the jungle. Just me, the magic, and nature.”

Hunny looked at her in amazement. She could feel the love and warmth emanating from the beautiful creature in front of her. She walked a little faster as she felt her pussy start to drip in hunger. The Bartender’s bright white aura radiated around her, throbbing. Its energy surged in tune with Hunny’s now constant orgasm. Hunny looked up to see the trees morphing around her, dancing to her breath. The brilliant night sky seemed to stand still as if it were replaced with a high-resolution photo of itself. Hunny looked back at Cassandra, who was looking back at her, smiling, taunting. Hunny started to salivate as she imagined throwing the busty milf to the ground. She orgasmed at the thought of lifting her legs to expose her dripping wet pussy hole. The pussy hole she would shove her wet, soft tongue into. She would feel the galaxies sing and see the birth of stars as she came while ravaging Cassandra. She would eat until she crawled deep into her, and they became one. She would…

“I think the magic is kicking in,” Sarah shouted louder than necessary, startling Hunny.

Hunny, now realizing that the magic had opened her energy centers, was excited to explore all new sexual realms with their fearless sex goddess. She felt Cassandra grab her hand and almost lost her footing as she tingled from the sensation of her touch.

“We’re here,” Cassandra proclaimed. The ladies entered a small clearing. Hunny’s mouth opened in astonishment. Innumerable stars decorated the night sky, which was masterfully painted in brilliant, but darkened, hues of blues. There was a beautiful, serene waterfall that fed into a small lake down below. The lake was surrounded by soft, sandy soil and smooth rocks. The moon lit the entire jungle oasis, putting the brilliant greens of the trees on display. Cassandra led them to her campsite and pulled out futons and blankets. Hunny helped her put down the blankets for what felt like centuries, watching the fabrics of the covers unfold, the mysteries of the universe never escaping them. Seconds felt like minutes as she prepared the altar on which she would offer herself. She looked to her side and Sarah was already joining Allie on a cosmic joyride. Hunny turned to look at her partner, who was staring at her voraciously. Hunny was intimidated and felt a slight tinge of fear begin to well up in her feet. She sought to please the being in front of her and she wanted to be pleased. She laid down on the makeshift bedding and untied her bottoms once more.

Cassandra helped Hunny pull her bikini off, she licked her lips as she stared in awe at her juicy honeypot. Salivating, she slid in between Hunny’s golden thighs, entranced by the orgasms radiating from within her glowing pussy. Hunny whimpered in pleasure, shaking with every lick of Cassandra’s horny, slobbery tongue. Suckling and nibbling as she savored her taste, she slipped two fingers into Hunny’s wet pussy hole. Hunny immediately gushed out the squirt that was building up inside of her, releasing a powerful orgasm. Nearly drowning Cassandra with the fountain of squirt, she heard her plea for more as she swallowed as much as she could. “More! More!” her heavy accent moaning with pleasure turned Hunny on so much that she immediately obliged and flooded the sexy Latina.

The Bartender, thankful for the pool of vitality that she now swam in, began to kiss and suck on Hunny’s inner thighs. She ran her tongue from the middle of Hunny’s left thigh to her sopping wet pussy and kissed on the left lip. Sucking on it gently, she began kneading it with her teeth. The teasing sent waves of arousal swimming throughout her body. Hunny closed her eyes and felt for Cassandra’s energy. As pink energy swirled behind her eyelids, she felt the Bartender lick down her right thigh and start teasing her right lip. She felt Cassandra’s sweet flower blossoming in euphoric bliss as she ran her tongue up and down her toy’s hard clit. Hunny paused in thought, as she orgasmed. She had just realized that she could feel The Bartender’s orgasm as well. She opened her eyes to look at the sexy milf, moaning in astonishment. Cassandra looked up at her, still fingering the tight pussy hole, Hunny biting her lip in agonizing pleasure.

She looked Hunny in the eyes and nodded wordlessly as the young girl continued to orgasm. Cassandra began to climb slowly up Hunny’s body, tasting, spitting and sucking. Biting the younger woman’s soft flesh, she crawled up her willing partner. Hunny lay back as she felt Cassandra’s fingers slow and then stop. She watched as the Spanish celestial made her way past her breast, engulfing Hunny’s body. She licked up Hunny’s neck, stopping to suck on her chin. Cassandra kissed her way down to Hunny’s ear and licked inside of it. Hunny felt how truly soft and formless her tongue was. The wetness and heat in an unfamiliar place caused Hunny to squirt on Cassandra’s fingers. The Bartender moaned in her ear. She pulled her fingers from Hunny.

“No,” Hunny whimpered. Begged. She couldn’t believe she had been betrayed like this. She had offered all that she was to this luscious being of wonder, only to be forced from her orgasmic paradise. “Plea…” she started as she felt Cassandra’s fingers slide in her mouth.

“Shhhhh,” the Bartender whispered in her ear. The feel of her hot breath in Hunny’s ear made her pussy orgasm as if it had been able to do so on its own all along. “I can feel you,” she whispered, moaning in orgasmic elation as Hunny came. “I can taste you,” she said sliding her fingers deeper into Hunny’s mouth. Hunny gladly accepted them and even raised her head to choke on them, pleasing her tantric guide. Cassandra licked Hunny’s lips with her juicy tongue, tracing its contours. Hunny opened her mouth and allowed Cassandra to spit down her tongue. The Bartender stuck her tongue in the young woman’s mouth and kissed her passionately as she put one of Hunny’s legs in between hers. Instinctively, the two goddesses began to grind their pussies against one another. Cassandra’s dark hair enveloped their heads and faces, creating a dark cage where only the two existed. They floated through this void filled with their erotic desires. The smells of sex clung in the air. The sounds of their scintillating sexual encounter were so loud they drew you in, but so quiet and far away that they were barely a whisper. Nothing existed in the black but these two women, the true sources of creation. From our bodies, life will flow. And from that life, our love will be born. Cassandra understood completely as she kissed more passionately, grinding her squirting pussy against the satin skin that lay beneath her. She reached up with a hand to grab a nipple and squeeze it. She felt how soft, but firm, the young girl’s breasts were.

She grabbed Hunny’s bosom in her hand and squeezed, digging in with her nails just a little. Hunny stopped kissing and tilted her head back, screaming in pleasure. Cassandra felt the warmth of her escaping juices grace her hips and pussy. She released her own nectar upon the young woman, showering her with the gratitude of gratification. Hunny, startled by a sudden realization, was ashamed of herself. How could she have been so stupid? How did she let things get this far? She had to come to terms with the fact that she had not been pleasuring the woman who had brought her here. She was saddened by the fact that she had been receiving for so long and had not thought to….

“Shhhhhh!” she felt again, followed by more wet, hot teasing in her ear. Hunny squirmed from the stimulating pleasure it provided. As she writhed in euphoria, she felt Cassandra’s fingers start to work within her again. This time, Hunny determined, she was going to give as much pleasure to her partner as she received. The universe could not shift out of balance, not because of her. Hunny slid her fingers down the Colombian’s sweaty, squirt-drenched body. She felt every curve and crevice along the way, tracing them until she felt her clit. She teased it, flicking it with her fingertip, causing Cassandra to lift her head and scream moans of pleasure, releasing them from their prison. Hunny caught the back of her head with her other hand and pulled her back into the void. She was determined to not let her escape. She slid her fingers inside the milf’s hot, tight flower, and instantly orgasmed at how soft and wet she was. Cassandra’s pussy contracted in orgasmic frenzy on Hunny’s fingers as they teased her. Hunny felt her cum, and not just on her fingers. The two ladies lay embraced, face to face, breathing heavily into each other’s mouths. Recycling their sexual energies as they fingered each other, coming into one another as they shared each other’s mana. Two halves of one whole, born in two different bodies destined to experience each other tantrically on this night. Hunny thanked fate for favoring her in such a way as she felt Cassandra’s spit dribble into her mouth. The milf was starting to orgasm louder and louder, her body now floating through heaven on a cloud of pure lust.

Hunny watched as she began to sit up, smiling at the control she had over her Latina lover. She allowed it this time. Cassandra began to grind vigorously against Hunny’s fingers, her vaginal walls clamping down on the busty sexpot. She reached down and slid Hunny’s fingers from her pussy and into her mouth, sucking them as she bit them gently. The Bartender positioned herself in between her legs and began to rub her pussy against Hunny’s wet kitty. Hunny happily accepted the power shift as she began to rub her pussy against Cassandra’s. The two scissored under the moonlight, sharing sweat and juices with one another.

Hunny could feel her pussy trickle as she turned to look at her friends.

Sarah and Allie were locked in a tantric embrace of limbs and passion. Hunny watched, captivated by the carnal embrace, as the two worked their way seamlessly into a 69 fit for infinity. Sarah straddled Allie’s face; legs spread wide on the busty hellcat.

Hunny sat up, a moment of clarity taking over her.

“Wait! Everyone stop for a second” she said aloud, getting everyone’s attention. “My body is thirsty. I think we should all take a break and let our bodies rest and rehydrate.”

“That is a great idea,” Cassandra said standing to her feet. Hunny instantly regretted her words as she saw the hourglass figure drenched in her squirt. She felt the juice trickle down her legs as she watched the enigmatic Latina turn and walk away, her cheeks bouncing to the beat of Hunny’s unending orgasm. The cheeks disappeared inside a tent that she was just seeing for the first time. She contemplated following them in, staring into the darkness, when she heard Sarah calling her name.

She handed Hunny a bottle of water that she had found in a cooler. Hunny unscrewed the bottle hurriedly and guzzled its contents as if she had not drunk in days. The bottle crunched and crackled as she devoured everything within. She pulled the bottle away, causing her lungs to immediately wrestle for air. She looked around to see the others in similar states, smothering the spark of embarrassment. She walked over to the cooler and grabbed another bottle. She reached in and threw one more each to her friends as Cassandra emerged from the tent.

“Let’s chill and catch our breath. We still have some time to go,” she smiled seductively as she raised her hands, putting their contents on display. In one hand, she held up a small plastic baggie filled with ground weed. In the other, a box of peanut butter chocolate protein bars.

Hunny reached down and searched for her phone in the sopping wet blankets. She pulled it from the drenched fabric and dried it on her bikini cover. Her jaw dropped in astonishment as she saw that a little over 3 hours had passed. She was amazed by how deep into her orgasms the magic was taking her. She started to rub herself when she heard Allie’s voice.

“C’mon Hunny,” she smiled, waving her over. “We’re going to sit in the water while we eat. It looks so cool, like moving glass or something. This magic is some great stuff!”

Hunny laughed standing to her feet.

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