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Hunny Summers and the Island Magic

Season 1
Chapter 4- The Pleasure Cove

The cool water was refreshing after all the hot, steamy, wet, squirty, nasty fucking that had transpired. Hunny floated aimlessly looking up at the stars, reliving all the sex she had just had, and imagining what was in store for the next 7 hours. She reached down to start playing with herself and noticed that Sarah had already snuck in between her legs and had her mouth open, ready to taste her honey. Allie waded over and started sucking on Hunny’s right breast, her tongue and teeth teasing her titty tantrically. She looked to her left and saw Cassandra joining in on the fun, the Latin milf working her left nipple gently with her sexy tongue. She couldn’t believe how orgasmic all of their mouths felt.

Hunny closed her eyes and lay back, choosing to be present and feel their mouths teasing her body. She moaned in absolute ecstasy as she squirted her juices into Sarah’s mouth. She was a cosmic being, an ancient entity that was here to live and experience this pure moment of elation.

She locked eyes with Allie, their mouths drawn towards each other with electric magnetism. The sweet taste of Allie’s mouth was familiar and rewarding, an orgasm radiated throughout her when she realized all of their juices were on Allie’s mouth and Hunny was tasting each and every one of them, including herself, while their soft, wet tongues made love to one another. Hunny reached out and teased a delighted pussy, slipping her fingers in between the wet, eager lips. Cassandra wailed in desire as Hunny fingered her dripping pussyhole.

Sarah slipped away from Hunny’s pot and made her way to Cassandra’s succulent nipples.

AaaAAaaaaaGGGGHhhhhHHHhhh!!! The group heard someone moan in orgasmic ecstasy.

The noise jerked the women back to reality, and away from the clouds they were drifting away on. They had been heading towards an interstellar collision of orgasmic ecstasy and lustful eroticism, only to be delayed by an interloper.

“Should we go check that out? What the heck was that?!” Sarah begrudged in bitterness. You could still see the cosmos in her pupils, accompanied by a look of disappointment that stemmed from the interruption.

“No,” Cassandra replied nonchalantly, “hidden behind the waterfall, there’s a beautiful cave we can escape to. It’s dark but more private. Perhaps with the secrecy the darkness provides, you’ll be… encouraged… to let out your innermost desires.” She purred the word and licked her lips as she eyed the girls up and down, “I’m hungry for more, and I want you all to take turns showing me exactly what you want to do to me.” The girls all nodded in unison, ogling their dazzling tour guide. They would’ve followed her into the depths of the ocean if it meant they could get another taste of this mysterious enchantress. Cassandra gave them a sly smile and led their wet, naked bodies into the shadowy cave.

The girls stepped into the dark, dank enclosure, and Hunny felt her breath escape in awe, leaving her speechless. The cave was the size of their suite back at the resort with a ceiling almost as high. A natural development, formed by the Earth Mother, herself. Growing out of the ground were hundreds upon hundreds of small blue lights that blanketed the floor of the enclosure, their dim beacons coating the walls in a thin azure haze. That, coupled with the moon’s pale illumination peeking through the waterfall, caused sapphire liquid reflections to dance gently across the stony walls of their new Eden. The ground beneath their feet was a soft, loamy soil… perfect for what they had in mind.

Hunny felt magic within this cave that made her feel… primordial. As ancient as the earth beneath, but not of it.

“What are these lights?” Allie asked from behind her, breath quivering in silent exhilaration.

“Rosa Encantada,” Cassandra answered from the darkness, her soft, breathy words let Hunny know that the vixen was waiting for her. “The Enchanted Rose. They are beautiful and harmless. Single-stemmed roses that grow straight from the ground, not a bush. They have no thorns and feel as soft as silk to the touch. Legends say that they only grow in areas that are saturated in the most potent of magic.”

The girls all kneeled down, studying their new obsessions closer, seeing the petals of roses through the soft rays of light. Allie reached down and ran her hand gently across the tops of the roses, feeling their soft texture as they swayed from her touch.

Sarah walked through the flowers, feeling their gentle caress as they brushed against her lower legs. She couldn’t take her eyes from the soft glow that reflected lightly off her smooth skin.

Hunny, having had enough of the conversation, walked over to the shimmering, unabated heap of lust and pushed her back into the sand. Stepping over the Latina, she spread her legs wide above her face, teasing her honeysuckle as she looked down at the Bartender’s dark figure through the glowing flora. Turned on by the silhouette of the devilish damsel beneath her, Hunny heard her pussy speak to her, pleading to release all of its succulent essence.

Sarah appeared from the darkness, and Hunny watched lustfully as her sexy bestie manipulated the Colombian deity’s thick legs, guiding her into a scissor for the ages. Hunny rubbed her pussy more excitedly as she watched Allie’s outline, bathed in blue, over Sarah. Allie’s hand moved in a similar motion to Hunny’s, tending to her secret garden, which aroused her more. As she heard Allie let loose all over a gasping Sarah, Hunny began to squirt so vigorously it surprised even her. She swayed her hips left and right, determined to dissolve the sultry, older woman under the force of her spray. She heard Cassandra moan in pleasure and knelt down over her face.

“Yes,” she heard her whisper and felt the woman’s soft hands pull her down until Hunny’s bald pussy rested on her soft, eager lips. Hunny felt the insatiably soft tongue start to travel the contours of her pussy, sending tremors of pleasure vibrating throughout her purring kitty. Hunny closed her eyes and started to grind on Cassandra’s willing mouth, determined to traverse the orgasmic dimensions she had previously visited. She felt Allie’s sweet labia grace her lips, and, without opening her eyes, Hunny understood everything the universe was telling her. She opened her mouth and leaned forward, feeling her auburn-haired friend’s stiff clit on her tongue. Awaiting the blessings sure to flow from Allie’s enchanted vulva, Hunny made sure to tease the curvaceous being’s clitoris until she felt her legs tremble. She swirled her tongue around it, teasing it, admiring all of the craftsmanship that went into its creation. She started to do long slow licks in between the dripping lips and felt warm juices dribble down her tongue. The traces of nectar caused Hunny to salivate heavily, spit falling down her ample breasts and onto Cassandra, who was in a state of perfect bliss. She felt the Spanish cougar’s hands make their way to her supple buttocks, spreading her cheeks repeatedly to tease the girl’s asshole.

Hunny lifted up from Cassandra’s moist mouth, feeling drops of squirt fall from her pussy lips. She shifted forward a little for her mistress and lowered her tight, untouched asshole over the woman’s mouth. She felt the Bartender’s indulgent tongue grace her tight rose with soft, short strokes. The newly discovered sensations drove Hunny wild, causing her to close her mouth on the short bombshell’s clitoris, clamping lightly with her teeth. Hunny proceeded to suck on Allie’s clit eagerly while flicking it with her tongue. She reached down to her pussy and started fingering with a ferocity that would’ve scared her if her pussy wasn’t screaming for it.

Allie moaned wildly, Hunny heard through the black, accepting it as a signal to go harder. She reached out, searching for the energies of those around her. Allie’s soft red aura was dripping onto her chin and face as Hunny pleased her orally. Cassandra’s murky white essence was making its way into Hunny’s person as the well-endowed stranger continued to taste her rear.

She had begun to slowly penetrate the olive-skinned beauty’s spit-covered anal canal, easing her tongue in a tiny bit deeper with every stroke. She felt for Sarah’s energy as the Bartender continued to slide her tongue inside, tasting the young woman with sapphic curiosity. Exploring the once forbidden temple, the Latin brick house relished every lick, every molecule that hit her taste buds. She thanked the mother of creation for molding such a heavenly body, appreciating the round mounds as she continued her hunt for the orgasmic sweet spot. The penetration acted as an antenna, pulling Sarah’s orange ether to her. She pulled more and more from them, feeling their arousal grow as she did. She felt their chakra centers grow and swell, bursting at the seams, as Hunny stole more and more lust from them. She continued to pull until she felt them all give in.

Allie’s hot, sweet liquids shoved their way into Hunny’s mouth until there was no more room. She held Hunny’s head close to her pussy, intent on not letting her escape. Hunny’s eyes rolled to the back of her head in orgasmic terror as she willingly drowned in her friend’s escaping fluids. She started to swallow as much as she could, gulping feverishly as Allie’s squirt began seeping out of her willing mouth, dribbling its way past her hard erect nipples and onto a welcoming Cassandra. Hunny began to squirt as well, feeling Cassandra’s mouth move back to her passionfruit with hurried determination. She squirted gallons onto the woman’s mouth and face as Sarah let out a loud moan.

“Oooohh. My. Gawd,” she slowly breathed into the air. “She’s squirting on my pussy guys,” Sarah moaned sensually from the dark, her voice shaking from her cherry’s constant contractions. “It’s so warm and hot! Fuuuuck! This is the hottest thing of my life!!

” She wailed. Hunny felt Cassandra’s supple physique lock and seize in tantalizing surprise, her mouth clamping on the young woman’s juicy peach. Hunny felt her eyes roll back until they were pulling at their restraints. She felt Sarah’s eruption of squirt flood the loamy soil around them before being guzzled by the thirsty ground.

The warm wetness touched Allie’s curled toes, causing her to douse her victims in more of her saccharine juices. Hunny felt Cassandra’s body continue to seize and contract underneath her cascading waterfall. Remembering that the sex goddess’ wild spirit was encased in flesh and blood, the long-haired seductress released her drenched captive from its orgasmic prison. Annoyed that she had to willingly cut off the flow of tantric energy that surged the entirety of her spine, Hunny stood and embraced the one being near her that could satiate her every sexual desire.

She felt Allie’s soft e-cups squish against her own ample breasts, stiffening her erect nipples even more, as they embraced each other’s warm, throbbing bodies. She longed for her taste and gingerly pressed her lips against Allie’s, wordlessly telling her how much she missed her orally. She had not kissed Allie’s soft lips in what felt like eons and had been anticipating this heavenly moment. She felt Cassandra lift from the ground and pounce on a whimpering Sarah as Hunny laid Allie down, preparing her for tribute. She climbed on top of her friend’s shapely body, admiring how she seemed to sink into Allie’s malleable flesh. Hunny heard Allie’s breath catch as she sat down on top of her. She orgasmed tightly as she positioned her dripping pussy over the one beneath her, its humid heat penetrating Hunny’s glistening honeycomb. She leaned over and put Allie’s left nipple in her mouth.

Hunny released a spurt of squirt on the woman she was straddling as she felt Allie’s marshmallow-like breast smush against her face. The flesh-filled fun bag obeyed her demands as she sucked more into her mouth, filling it until she could barely tease the nipple with her tongue. She felt Allie release under her, the hot juices baptizing her legs in steamy liquid sex. She suckled on the other nipple, Allie’s hand resting gently on her head, letting her know to linger there. She shifted until she was on her knees in between Allie’s thick, juicy thighs, her friend’s nipple still clenched between her teeth. Allie instinctively lifted her legs, Hunny reached for Allie’s hot gushing pussy, rubbing it fervently, helping the liquid prize reach a wider radius. She orgasmed internally as she felt the hot nectar splash against her body, signaling her own juice box to empty its lush contents on her big-titted lover.

CRUNCH!!! The two girls heard a loud crunch that broke them from their pornographic trance.

“Sarah, will you do something about that bottle?!” Allie laughed as she and Hunny sat up to catch their breath. “That thing has been in your pocket since before the cabana!”

Something felt off, and Hunny immediately began rummaging in the dark, attempting to locate her phone. She climbed off Allie and crawled around her, hands searching the soil anxiously as the sickening sound of lapping echoed around her. Hunny began to feel squeamish as the smell of iron filled the air.

“Cassandra, take it easy,” Allie laughed, her face illuminated by the soft glow of Hunny’s mobile device. “She just popped her squirting cherry today,” the promiscuous vixen continued from behind her bouncing twins.

Hunny crawled over to her slowly, creeping through squirt and juices the ground regurgitated with each step. She heard guttural noises coming from where Cassandra had pounced on Sarah. They heard a loud burp as they felt more liquid flood the cave floor. Hunny felt it fill the crack of her soft buttocks as she sat down next to Allie.

“That’s so much squirt,” Allie whispered to her. “Especially for a beginner. I think Sarah’s been holding out on us. That bitch.”

“Allie,” Hunny started, fighting the trip she had started earlier. “We didn’t bring our clothes,” she whispered, fear rising as the words escaped her mouth.

“So?” Allie whispered back, sarcastically.

“So,” Hunny answered, “How is Sarah crunching a bottle that we left out there by the tent?” She heard the sex kitten’s breath catch in her throat. She put her hand on Allie’s in the barely lit cave, as their eyes met, cutting the navy-shaded darkness that shrouded them. She saw her phone screen shake, the letters on them tumbling in response to the Island’s magic. Her hand swiftly slid down to Allie’s pulsating pussycat. Allie impulsively spread her legs as the sensation of Hunny’s fingers on her clitoris calmed her.

Allie, with a new sense of confidence, steadied her hand and took a deep breath.

Hunny kept flicking her friend’s sensitive bean as Allie’s finger moved to just above the flashlight button. She turned on the light, the phone still pointing downward.

Hunny’s free hand shot to Allie’s mouth, stifling the start of a scream. As Hunny watched the pool of crimson glow, she noticed that she and Allie were covered in it. She looked her friend in the eyes, telepathically begging for her to be quiet. Allie nodded in acknowledgment, and Hunny pulled her hand away from the girl’s soft pout. She began to pull away from her friend’s sugar lips until she felt Allie catch her by the wrist.

The bases of the stems of the ethereal blooms around them were coated in viscous fluids. They followed the dark trail until they traced it to its source. A few feet away from them, they saw the mound of flesh that was Sarah and Cassandra, the petals of the blossoms around them coated in the frightening liquid.

“Please,” she whispered, “I need it. If you pull away, I will die from fear.”

“You won’t die from fear” they heard Cassandra reply through the azure shadows, her saucy silhouette rising to its feet. Hunny rubbed Allie’s clit harder, not sure if it was fear or lust that drove her. Allie moaned softly in the darkness, the gravity of the situation disappearing behind the hallucinogenic trance.

Hunny watched the curvy figure’s form dance behind the shadows, growing bigger as it approached its impaired victims. Hunny rose to her feet and clenched her fists, preparing to win this battle for survival.

Allie awoke from her orgasmic trance a second later, terror filling her body as she realized this was not a part of the trip. She raised the phone, shining its light on Cassandra’s blood-stained body.

Hunny unclenched her fists for a second, staring at the sight of the Colombian’s heaving, crimson-stained breasts. She looked at the Bartender’s blood-covered thighs and felt her pussy quiver at how well she wore the scarlet liquid. She looked up and met Cassandra’s gaze, surprised by her piercing, golden eyes. Her sexy lips were curled up in a menacing snarl, drool dripping down her sexy chiseled chin. Hunny followed the trail of saliva up to the Bartender’s mouth, which sported sharp, pointed teeth, locked in place by her clenched jaw. She felt her hand unconsciously move to her pleading clitoris in the cerulean-tinted shadows. Cassandra’s hands massaged her delicious breasts, smearing life’s scarlet personification on them. Her legs continued their steady quiver from the inescapable pleasure that tormented both of their trickling love boxes. Hunny struggled to stay above the waves of hallucinogenic eroticism, feeling herself succumb to the call of Aphrodite.

Allie, overcoming her terror, screamed and jumped to her feet, running towards the sliver of light creeping its way in through the entrance. She stumbled, dropping her source of illumination as she tripped over a lumpy object that obstructed her path to survival. Allie frantically rolled in the sand-clumped liquid, feeling it cling to her perfectly moisturized skin as she fought to get to her feet. Blinking in the murkiness, she could make out a thin, human-sized object. Allie began to sob softly as her hands searched around her for the phone, her eyes never leaving the shrouded mound before her.

Hunny’s eyes never left the being before her, its golden gaze penetrating the dimly lit cavern. The glowing stare both intrigued and scared the young woman, its hypnotic pull holding Hunny hostage. They floated in the indigo air like two stars, plucked from the sky and put here just for her. She took a step closer to the Latina, as she heard cracking and moaning in the darkness. She watched the Bartender’s curvaceous outline distort and mutate, growing larger and more muscular. Hunny watched as Cassandra’s shoulders broke in an audible snap, only to widen and grow larger. The height of the silhouette grew a foot taller, its elongating spine twisting and contorting, causing the creature to hunch forward as it grew. Hunny continued to step forward, each footstep bringing her closer to a destination that stuffed her busty frame with a dread-filled curiosity. She took step after step until she stood under the Bartender’s otherworldly gaze, the eyes following her movement. Hunny heard a low growling and felt Cassandra’s bestial salivation gracing her body from above. She felt each pore fill with a confusing sense of sensuality.

She watched as Cassandra’s true form lowered slowly to all fours, it’s aggressive glare softening. Hunny, standing in an intoxicating panic, felt a wet snout tease her waxed pubis. Its hot breath teased her sweet cherry, attempting to remove the locks that had shuttered her floodgates. She stretched out her hand slowly, grateful for the tenderness shown to her in the wake of the startling commotion. She refused to let the trip turn bad.

The unseen beast backed away, startled by the sudden approach; but, she calmed quickly, allowing the hand to pet her inhuman mane. Hunny felt the instant connection to the still sexual energy that exuded from her once-human lover. She felt the soft sensation of the ex-bombshell’s warm tongue exploring her dew-covered rose petals. Hunny tasted her own sweet spot vicariously through her new friend. She felt the tip of the creature’s tongue teasing her clit. She put a hand on the back of its head and began to lose herself behind a wall of multicolored prisms that transformed uncontrollably behind her closed eyes. Hunny felt the juices spray from her pussy, puddling the ground below her.

She heard the sound of lapping again as the monstrous Colombian knelt on the floor to drink her sensual prize. Her stomach was sickened as the auditory stimulation reminded her of the source of their horror. She tensed up as the veil of celestial clarity was ripped away from her eyes, and reality burrowed its way into the pit of her stomach. She stood perfectly still as the lapping continued, her body paralyzed by fear’s unrelenting grip.

Allie’s hands finally found the phone, as she fought to stay in the cave with her friend. She managed to dry her hands, and the phone somewhat, by rubbing them on patches of her skin that were untouched by the red that stained the cove floor. She pressed the power button and stared in horror as the light from the phone forced its way through a thin layer of smeared blood. Her hands shaking, Allie pointed the phone in the direction of the mass that had tripped her. She turned on the flashlight and was instantly consumed by distress as her gaze fell upon Sarah’s mutilated corpse. Her once lively friend lay lifeless in front of her, crimson oozing out of every orifice. Her chest had been ripped open, exposing what was left of her organs. She stared in despair as her mind reeled at the sudden turn of events.

Her thoughts raced as Allie stared at what was left of her friend’s empty husk. Her mangled body was ripped and mutilated, claw marks and bite prints scattered across her leaking corpse. Her dead gaze was fixed on Allie. “Why didn’t you help me?” her pained expression called out, “I called for you and you weren’t there.”

Allie opened her mouth to answer when a splashing sound startled her from her ghostly conversation. She turned, suddenly, shining the light on the source of the noise. Allie opened her mouth and let out a bone-rattling scream that rang out over the waterfall.

She saw Hunny standing a short distance away, petrified, her soft feet planted firmly in the soil. In front of her, licking the ground with a long and slobbering tongue, was a monster in place of where the Bartender had been. Allie’s stomach churned in disgust as the humanoid monstrosity stood to its feet, turning its predatory stare toward the source of light.

Hunny, startled by the added visuals, hunched over and vomited as Allie studied the creature.

Cassandra, or whatever stood before them, was a haunting, twisted clone of the woman that had brought them there. Her almond-colored skin had darkened, becoming tight and clammy, looking slimy to the touch. Her disproportionate physique was intimidating. The sinews of muscle and ligament were visible through the creature’s taut skin as if attempting to escape its dermal entrapment. Her height had somehow increased, as she loomed over them, almost touching the cave ceiling. Her shoulders widened, her elongated arms hung loosely by her sides, hands almost down to her slightly bent knees. The Colombian missiles that had first caught Allie’s eye were replaced by a muscular pair of pectorals. Cassandra’s midriff had shrunken almost by half, her dank skin stretched over her exceedingly defined abdominals. Cassandra’s hip bones protruded out, leading down to long, canine legs. Her thick thighs were now bursting at the seams with bulbous muscles, but that’s where her humanity stopped. Everything from the knees down resembled that of a large wolf. Her dangling arms were as ripped as the rest of her physique, and the Bartender’s short, clean fingernails had become dark brown talons. Allie’s inquisitory gaze landed on the snout that protruded a short distance from the once beautiful vixen’s face. Her lips had thinned and curled, revealing the jagged, blood-covered teeth that had ripped her friend open.

That, however, was not the worst part. The terror pooling within Allie’s heart lay not with the grotesque form that she had revealed inadvertently. It wasn’t the dead body that lay lifeless before her. It wasn’t even the fact that she and her friend were trapped in this cavern with this… whatever the fuck. The fear that had consumed Allie’s soul lay behind the gaze of her soon-to-be devourer. The Latin Lycan’s eyes were still human, their terrifying color aside, still as big and bright as they were before. Except, this time, when Allie gazed into them, all she was darkness. There was nothing. No hatred, no feeling, no soul.

She couldn’t tell whether it was the trip or not, or whether her impaired perception was playing tricks on her. The eyes that rested on her, cared nothing for her. They gazed upon her as a human would an ant that had found its way inside their home. It was meaningless. No threat to her. At the same time, however, Allie could feel that the monster wanted to end her existence. The very light within her that gave her life needed to be snuffed out, and the monster was on a mission to pull Allie into the void. The emptiness behind them filled Allie’s head with the tortured screams of all those it had swallowed before.

Allie let out a blood-curdling scream as the wolf-like creature lurched forward menacingly.  A nauseating cocktail of foam and saliva trickled from her clenched jaw, its power on full display. Sprawling backward, desperate for escape, Allie sobbed soundlessly as she watched Death stare down upon her. With its glowing gaze stripping her already naked body, the wolf-like creature slowly dropped to all fours as it stepped over Sarah’s carcass.

The quivering woman began to cry uncontrollably, the fear still clogging her throat. Propped up by her stripped elbows, Allie painfully crawled backward on the soaked sand beneath her. The wolf woman was now crouched menacingly low as she made her way toward her soon-to-be victim’s feet. As Allie’s legs ceased to writhe in her attempt to flee, she managed a small whimper, “Hunny…”

Hunny’s body sprang into action wordlessly, responding to the pleas of her horrified friend. She moved so quickly that Cassandra barely had time to react. Leaning in low, she grabbed Sarah’s cold ankle, gripping it so tightly she felt the bone shatter. Taking another step, Hunny turned her body, building momentum as she landed next to the creature’s haunches. She whipped her torso around forcefully, swinging Sarah’s body so hard that its bones gave off a sickening crunch as it collided with the Bartender’s towering physique. The force of the blow sent the wolf woman tumbling out of the light and into the cave wall. Hunny felt the rumble from the collision as she continued her rescue. Without a moment’s hesitation, she felt her hand grab Allie’s, pulling the girl to her feet.

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